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Century Granite & Marble
Our Process
Our Process:

1) Select Your Stone: Come in to our showroom to see the 50
most common colors of Granite and Marble.  Take home a
sample to compare to your cabinets, wall colorings, or flooring.  
Or, visit the stone yards to see 300 colors and varieties of
Granites and Marbles. (Tell them that Century sent you!).  

Measure:  Call today (817) 329-9499 for an appointment for
a free in-home measurement and estimate.

Selecting Accessories:   We are a distributor of the finest
stainless steel sinks and sell them to you with no markup.  We
also partner with appliance and plumbing supply stores in town
to get you the best deal on appliances and faucets.  We have
interior designers that can help you pick the right color.
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4) Templating: Our team will visit your home to build a
template of the exact size and shape of your counter tops.  
The templates are taken back to the shop to cut your counter
tops to the right shape.

Fabrication and Installation:  Usually within 1-2 days of
your selection, your stone is shipped to our factory where we
will cut, edge and polish your counter tops, ready for
installation.  With our fast turnaround time, your kitchen will be
installed within 7 days of your order.

Backsplash: You have a wide range of choices for your
backsplash.  Choose from tumble marble, ceramic or glass tile,
or a full granite backsplash.

Care and Maintenance: Your Granite is sealed at the
factory.  Granite is very resistant to heat, scratching, staining,
and acids.  Use only mild soap and water to wash your stone.  
Re-seal once every year with spray Granite & Marble sealer for
years of enjoyment.

Warranty:  Century backs its work with a limited 5 year
warranty against any defects in workmanship.